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Review: Bound

Bound by Antonya Nelson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I liked the writing itself but the story was cold and unengaging. The characters seemed to have little redeeming value. I was interested more in how the author described things than in how the story played out. Which is lucky because nothing seemed to tie together at the end. Loose ends, unlikable characters, the weird subtheme of the BTK killer (which to me seemed utterly unnecessary)…I don’t know. I wouldn’t recommend the book. Just saying.

On the other hand, there were a few passages of stellar and hilarious writing that I noted, including the following:

“She’d been held back in grade school, so she was already driving a car by ninth grade. Her teeth looked like something out of the Soviet Union. The epitome of white trash: she had a car but not a dentist.”

“…the three look-alike old men, former minister, postman, Cessna engineer, lined up now in Barcaloungers like benched players on the team of the curmudgeonly, murmuring their bitterness and complaint”

“Joanne rolled out of bed pissed off every morning, as if the night had served her up one bad dream after another, as if people had been insulting and blaming and humiliating her for hours, as if she’d been waiting on them and was exhausted, along with being unappreciated.”



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